S02 E08: Christine Panourgias

Christine Panourgias - create initiatives that tell the right stories and engage the right people Podcast

SO2 E08: Christine Panourgias Christine LOVES working with brands to elevate their online presence & authority | Agency Owner / Founder – CPSD | Co-Organizer of Get In The Ring Ottawa It’s not B2C or B2B, it’s H2H (Human to Human), and that’s why Christine believes in creating initiatives that tell the right stories and […]

What Is In A Style Guide?

Example of what is in a style guide

Style guides (SG) can be classified as platform (or language) guides, general design guides, or corporate style guides for a specific application. Although they overlap in many ways, each has a different focus. So what is in a style guide? First let’s take a look at the different types. Platform Guides: These SGs focus on […]