Why you need an up to date portfolio

why you need an Up to date portfolio

Portfolios aren’t just for artists, designers and photographers anymore. A thoughtfully crafted and up to date portfolio can benefit every professional. Portfolios can be catered to different professions by the content memorialized in them. They act as tangible, visible proof of your expertise, skill, and talent. Every portfolio can be geared toward your target audience, […]

Utilizing Digital Media In Construction Marketing

EN2 Development Corp joined us for a live webinar to discuss the realities of digital media in the construction sphere and the importance of planning and utilizing digital media strategy in the everyday comings and going’s of construction organizations. Want to watch the whole webinar? Available here! Question One: Most construction companies tend to be […]

Digital Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

Digital Marketing Ideas for construction companies

Digital marketing ideas and strategies are important in garnering attention and attracting construction clients to your organization. How do you generate leads? Is your revenue what you wanted from this year? The impact of the past year has been seen in every industry as the world begins opening once again and demand is increased for […]