The Downing Street Group

Service type

Web Design

Web Development

AUG 2021 – OCT 2021


Web Design & Development | Bart Anestin, Sele Akhigbe


The Downing Street Group is a realty investment firm that provides financial and development services.


Being a diverse group of companies dealing with financial service, investment and commercial and residential development, they needed a platform to showcase and align their partnerships and properties to preserve the boutique heritage.They needed to grow and develop the brand position to expand their market exposure.


During the discover course we learned of all the aspects and design / branding challenges faced by having a group of companies with different clients and needs. We systematically developed and presented the UX (user experience) framework and hierarchy to match their clean design aesthetic. The result was a website that made it easy for all. Since the launch of the new site their traffic has increased 30% of a 9 months period.