Rise Framework

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Web Design


AUG 2021 – OCT 2021


Branding & Design | Bart Anestin

Marketing Strategy | Bart Anestin, Dawn Paine, Callum Smith

Web Design & Development | Bart Anestin

Aurora did market research and brand positioning and we handled the brand strategy.


Rise is the UK’s leading pro-social construction framework with a proven track record of supporting deprived communities through procurement. Working with Rise Construction Framework (formerly Construction Impact Framework, CIF) was an all encompassing process. We collaborated with Aurora Marketing Agency in the UK to launch a new and exciting branding identity for our client. Aurora did market research and brand positioning and we handled the brand strategy and execution of a new web development.


CIF needed a new name and brand to represent its presence in the market as leaders in socially conscious construction procurement. For that they needed a new company name that spoke to how people felt working with them rather than what exactly they did. We wanted to elevate the personality of the brand to the forefront of their message ethos.


To get to this…. We started with our own word association exercise and research documents from Aurora. Aurora also provided us with Marketing Diagnostics, Competitor Analysis and Strategic Insights. This allowed us to present 3 options of names / brand ideas to the client. Nurture, Rise, Prosper


Once Rise was selected as the front runner we started to hone in what we wanted this brand to really say. Beyond a message, it needed to embody the character and personality of the company mission, be embolden with its vision and free to do the good work of its purpose.

Through multiple rounds of revisions (internal and client side) Rise became ‘A progressive construction framework, providing transformative social benefits to people through it’s bold approach in reframing ideas’

Rise was launched at a (conference in Liverpool, UK) and has since become an industry leader in this space. This brand not only became the net to hold all of it aspiration and efforts but also a banner to cover them in the future


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