Toronto City Church

Service type


Web Design


AUG 2021 – OCT 2021


Marketing Strategy | Bart Anestin & Maria Gomez

Branding & Design | Isabel Malbarosa

Aurora did market research and brand positioning and we handled the brand strategy.


Founded in 1988 under the name Covenant Christian Church before becoming Toronto City Church in 2013 , this organization has been a staple in their community for decades. Led by Pastors Brendon & Sharon Witton , TCC strives to be a diverse and inclusive space for everyone in their community looking to connect with their faith.

TCC is working to grow their community by continuing to create an environment that welcomes newcomers and nurtures their relationship with familiar faces in their church.


Toronto City Church is a non-denominational church located in Toronto, Canada. They came to us for a brand strategy evaluation, brand development (new logo and branding) and web development package.

Their goal was to revamp how their church is portrayed without coming across as a brand/transactional experience.The church wanted to establish who they were, what they believe and how that can be experienced. They also wanted their look and feel to be approachable and accessible for all people regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.


We met with the team at Toronto City Church and discussed their vision for their new brand, which included: being approachable, transparent, open and honest about who they are as a church; being relevant to the community; being rooted in scripture; being missional; and having an authentic voice.

After our initial meeting with the team at Toronto City Church, we created a visual identity system based on these concepts. Our design focused on using bold colours that were friendly and inviting while also maintaining a sense of simplicity so it could be easily reproduced across different mediums. We also worked closely with our client during this process to ensure that all of our ideas were aligned with their goals for this project before moving forward with any final designs or concepts.

We presented them with different looks and colours according to our initial marketing discovery: they wanted something that represented their growing community as well as their sense of faith. We also had to take into account that they were located in one of the most diverse cities in Canada, so we needed to make sure the brand would appeal to everyone within the community. We went through several rounds of brainstorming before coming up with the final product for this project.


The process of redesigning the Toronto City Church website was a journey of exploration, discovery, and collaboration. The process involved five different options before deciding on a final design that embodied everything they wanted to communicate about their church—from its mission to its values and vision.

After going through each option and analyzing feedback, it was decided that option 1 would be used as the basis for creating a final design that would fully embody both Toronto City Church and its community.

Once this decision had been made, three colour palettes were brought together to create a hybrid palette that fully spoke to both aspects of this organization: its history in Toronto and its current status as part of an ever-growing community. This final logo will serve as a great step in the process of rejuvenating this organization as it continues to grow into something more than just another church in Toronto.