Rebranding or Refreshing Your Logo

Rebranding vs. Refreshing Your Logo

Rebranding or refreshing my logo? That’s a question that you may have if you want to change your logo. Learn more about the difference to choose the best option for your company. A total rebrand is far more involved than just changing your logo—it requires you to examine every aspect of your brand and make […]

6 Tips for creating a style guide

Tips for creating a style guideline

Creating a style guide is no easy feat. It requires a knack for communicating the voice and visual components of a brand in a way that is easy to comprehend for even non-designers. Style guides are passed along to a variety of people in companies outside of designers. Therefore, it is important that individuals of […]

What Is In A Style Guide?

Example of what is in a style guide

Style guides (SG) can be classified as platform (or language) guides, general design guides, or corporate style guides for a specific application. Although they overlap in many ways, each has a different focus. So what is in a style guide? First let’s take a look at the different types. Platform Guides: These SGs focus on […]

What You Really Need to Build a Brand From Scratch

Creative Partner team member building a brand from scratch

It’s not easy to build a brand from scratch. Many elements truly help form a brand that will stand out for the years to come. It can be easy to get caught up focusing on the visual aspects from logos to colour palettes and copywriting. However, a solid brand must be built with a solid […]

Brand Your Content For Maximum Profits

Brand Your Content For Maximum Profits

You spend so much time curating and developing your content don’t forget to brand it for maximum profit and growth for your company! My Aunt used to say “there are teachers and there are teachers” – meaning that there are people who are educated and qualified to teach but there are others who are not […]