Why you need an up to date portfolio

why you need an Up to date portfolio

Portfolios aren’t just for artists, designers and photographers anymore. A thoughtfully crafted and up to date portfolio can benefit every professional. Portfolios can be catered to different professions by the content memorialized in them. They act as tangible, visible proof of your expertise, skill, and talent. Every portfolio can be geared toward your target audience, demographic, or client, from project outlines, customer testimonials, designs and graphic work.

Portfolios are important to show you and your skills off to a new client, potential new boss or as a magnet to attract anyone who stumbles upon your portfolio. You are using the contents to let other people know how skills you are in your field. Having a portfolio on hand – and even better, available online – can be convenient. 

Benefits of an up to date portfolio

1. Interviews

One of the most important times to sell yourself and your skills is during a job interview. Linking a potential employer to your portfolio during your application process is a sure way to ensure they can see your skills, talents and style right away. Copyrights, architects, designers and other professionals can also benefit from having their portfolio hand during the interview and referencing aspects of your portfolio while you answer their questions. Let your past work speak for itself and lead future employers to the best fit for their goals. 

Up to date portfolio interviews

2. Client Attraction

An online portfolio can help you bring in clients who connect with your work. Show off your best work, favorite projects, and designs to maintain a curated space where anyone seeking your services can understand your style and get an understanding of the type of work you can offer. Ensuring the layout is clean, clear, and geared towards your target audience is as important as keeping your portfolio up to date.

Up to date portfolio client attraction

3. Credibility

A portfolio of your designs, ideas and published pieces is a way of gaining attention in your industry. The more attention you bring to yourself,  the more likely you are to get work, attract like minded collaborators and continue to expand your portfolio while making a name for yourself in your industry.

4. Performance Reviews & Salary Negotiation

Annual performance reviews and salary negotiation all hinge on one thing: your work. Compile your best projects, pieces of work and examples of your skill in one place. Let your past work speak for itself while you broach subjects like pay raises and title changes. Your employer wants to know you’re both capable of performing in the new role and deserving of the increased responsibility ( and pay). A thoughtfully compiled portfolio is easier to put together if you keep it up to date as you advance in your career and shows your employer ample evidence of your skills for their consideration.

Up to date portfolio performance Reviews & Salary Negotiation

Start putting together or updating your portfolio today! You can start defining your style. Then you can pull together your best projects, outlines and testimonials – online or by creating a hardcopy. Keep it regularly updated and ensure you’re using it to it’s full potential as you move forward in your career.

Want to set it up online but don’t know where to start? Reach out to today to get started with our team!

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