Digital Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

Digital Marketing Ideas for construction companies

Digital marketing ideas and strategies are important in garnering attention and attracting construction clients to your organization. How do you generate leads? Is your revenue what you wanted from this year? The impact of the past year has been seen in every industry as the world begins opening once again and demand is increased for projects that were put off or unable to be attended to during the crux of the pandemic. Outside of word of mouth, the first place people turn to is their computers and a search engine. Connecting with these potential new clients and making your presence known to them is important.

Over 1.6 million searches are conducted online for contractors each month. Ensuring your organization stands out to your target audience is more than necessary, it’s vital.

8 Digital Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

1. Build your construction brand

Having a solid understanding of your brand makes marketing easier. Ensure you have a colour palette, logo, and an understanding of who your desired audience and target demographic are. Your brand should appeal to these people first and also representing your company.

2. Create an efficient and mobile-friendly website

As more and more potential customers flock to search engines to find their next contractor, ensure your website isn’t the reason they pass you over. Well-maintained and constructed websites help customers feel like your organization is professional and builds a sense of trust, from the very first page. A fast, functional, mobile-friendly, and secure website are top priorities. Ensure your website shows off your work while also being user-friendly. Losing a customer because they grew frustrated with your website can be detrimental.

Example of efficient and mobile-friendly website for Construction Companies

3. Optimize construction content for SEO

Millions of searches don’t mean millions of customers – especially if your website isn’t optimized for your area. Optimizing your website ensures you’re able to define your target audience and service area, reach a potentially larger audience, and direct leads with targeted keywords. Online algorithms are constantly evolving, and your marketing strategy needs to as well. Ensure your desired audience can find you with the right words will help bring in more potential customers. Well-done optimization can lead to your organization becoming one of Google’s top-ranked businesses.

4. Track performance metrics

You can’t know what you need to improve on, continue or stop if you have nothing to measure or compare to. Tracking analytics, conversion rates, advertisement campaign engagement, and measuring leads are all valuable resources. In addition, implementing a good SEO campaign and tracking your visitors can help convert all this information into tangible leads.

Digital Marketing Idea 8 for Construction companies - Metric tracking

5. Email Marketing for construction clients and leads

Keep in contact with former clients and remind potential leads of your organization. Nurturing these relationships in the form of a regular email campaign (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly) is a great way to stay top of mind. Keep in touch with clients, advertise new services or show off your current ones and improve brand awareness.

6. Create a social media plan

Social Media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter can help increase exposure, add credibility to your organization and bring in clients. Other less typical social media profiles, like ensuring your google my business profile is active and up to date work to increase your SEO optimization. You also need to nurture and grow your social media presence over time. Marketing strategies should include a social media plan, but with the right planning and patience, it can be extremely beneficial. Take advantage of advertising these platforms offer such as Facebook ad campaigns and Instagram ads. Finally, don’t forget to add your social media platforms to your business communications: emails, business cards, brochures, and your website.

Digital Marketing Idea 6 for Construction companies - Social media

7. Publish video marketing campaigns

A great way to get content for both your website and your social media feed is a video marketing campaign. Increase engagement, get more attention and use it more in-depth portfolio piece so your clients and future clients can see what your work looks like. Take advantage of your social media following and introduce yourself, give your audience a face to attach to the brand. While this sounds like it could be costly, thousands of videos are shot on phones and do well. Try and keep them under two minutes, caption them, and ensure that it is clear even if it’s not in HD quality. Videos on landing pages, Facebook profiles and as part of blog posts have proven to increase viewer engagement on the page and increases the likelihood of your page showing up higher on a google search results page.

8. Offer information for free

Maintain your position as an expert, leader or top of the line contractor by engaging with your audience in an educational manner. Blogs, free downloadable and YouTube tutorials grow engagement from viewers outside of your following, allow more room for SEO and broadcast your expertise. Impart your wisdom and use it as an opportunity to draw more people into your organization.

Digital Marketing Idea 8 for Construction companies - Offer information for free

Digital marketing ideas and strategies for construction can seem intimidating. However, when done well and efficiently, it can make all the difference in the frequency of business for your organization. A lot of time can be sunk into work like this, but the benefits far outweigh the time commitment.

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