6 Types of Advertising Campaigns and when to use them

6 Types of Advertising Campaigns

The world of advertising is a massive one, with so many different ways to get your message out there. Whether you’re looking for a new product launch or looking to rebrand your company, there are plenty of options out there for getting the word out about what you do. The six types of advertising campaigns listed below may not be exhaustive, but they’re enough to give you some basic ideas on how to make your campaign stand out in an increasingly crowded digital world.

6 Types of Advertising Campaigns

New Product Intro Campaign

This type of campaign should be used when you are introducing a new product or service to the market. You will want to use this type of campaign if you are launching something that may not have been done before, and/or if there is no competition in the market for your products or services.

For example: If you’re launching an app-based product in a new market, with little or no competition around it, then this would be an ideal time for an intro campaign.

You should also use this type of campaign when trying to get customers who haven’t heard about your company before. This can be especially effective if your company has been around for a while but hasn’t reached out much beyond its local area yet—if people know about it at all!

New product campaign example

Promotional Campaign

Promotional campaigns are useful to increase sales. They can take the form of print advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, social media advertising and email marketing.

These campaigns centre on a sale or special offer and aim to cause a spike in sales. You want to create interest around your product or service and make people aware of it by offering them something special that they won’t find elsewhere.

Promotional campaigns can also be used to promote a new product line or an existing one at reduced prices. For example, after Christmas when stores have discounted their goods ahead of their spring lines coming out. This is called “liquidation”.

You could also use promotional campaigns as part of a more general advertising strategy. You can try out different types of advertisement such as: direct mail flyers; magazine ads; newspaper ads; radio spots etc., depending on what audience you are trying reach.

Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand awareness campaigns are designed to increase the awareness of a brand. This can be achieved through advertising, public relations and social media. It is important to have a clear message and target audience for your brand awareness campaign.

Brand awareness campaigns are usually short-term in nature as compared to other types of advertising campaigns. The goal of this type of marketing strategy is to reach people who may not be familiar with the company or product that you’re trying to sell, but could become customers in the future if they are exposed to it enough times – often over time through multiple touchpoints like TV commercials or billboards alongside those that they might see on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Awareness campaign - Types of Advertising Campaigns

Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause marketing is a type of advertising that promotes a product or service by supporting a good cause. While cause marketing can be done in various ways, it’s most commonly done by offering customers some sort of incentive (like money) to donate to the cause.

Cause-related marketing has been around for centuries and has been used by companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dove; however, it is only recently that this strategy has become popular among small businesses and startups.

There are many reasons why you should use cause marketing in your business:

  • You can help people at risk for certain diseases or conditions, who may not have access to affordable healthcare services.
  • You can generate positive publicity for yourself if you choose an interesting/appealing cause to support (e.g., fighting childhood obesity).
  • This kind of promotion will attract new customers because they are more likely to trust businesses that care about something larger than themselves (e.g., world peace).

Niche-Specific Campaign

Niche-Specific Campaigns are a great way to reach out to your target audience. They focus on a specific product or service, and the media you choose should be able to reach your target audience. You can also use messaging that is more focused on what they need and want in order to get them engaged and interested. The creative should also be geared towards their interests and needs as well.

Niche campaign example

Customer Retention Campaign

Customer retention campaigns help keep existing customers coming back to your business. Once you’ve gained their trust and established a strong relationship with your brand, it’s imperative that you don’t let them slip away. These types of advertising campaigns can be used for new and existing customers. However, they differ from direct response in that they are more about nurturing relationships than driving immediate sales conversion.

A customer retention campaign may include:

  • A postcard sent out to long-time clients at regular intervals (quarterly or semi-annually:
    • Reminding them of the benefits they receive from doing business with you
    • Encouraging them to share these benefits with friends who might also be interested in buying from you;
    • Enticing them with special offers or discounts on future purchases;
    • Asking for feedback on products/services offered, etc.
  • E-mail marketing—either monthly newsletters featuring updates on what’s new at your company and relevant industry news, or targeted messages based on purchase history information that is gathered by tracking cookies stored on clients’ computers as well as other ways such as IP addresses used when browsing websites (this method is often referred to as behaviorally driven e-mail marketing).
Retention campaign - Types of Advertising Campaigns example

Create Your Own Campaign

While a few types of campaigns are fairly common, you may want to develop your own type of campaign as well.

In addition to the common types of advertising campaigns, you can use your own type of campaign. When creating a new campaign, it may be helpful to consider using a combination of these types instead of trying to create something entirely new.

For example, you might want to create a campaign focusing on a particular product or service. Therefore it uses both: direct and indirect approaches. Or maybe you want to focus on one market segment that is particularly important for your business. Consequently, you use both: mass media and personal selling. You could also choose to only focus on one time period within the year. For example, February through April) when sales are traditionally low. The possibilities are endless!

In any case, there are many different ways you can approach developing an effective advertising plan in order to meet your goals as effectively as possible. Take some time now before moving onto other parts of this guide!

Know the pros and cons of different types of advertising campaigns.

When planning your next marketing campaign, you should consider the following:

  • Know your audience. It’s important to think about who you’re trying to reach and what they want. How can they be swayed by an advertising campaign? What makes them tick? What are their pain points, their fears, their anxieties? You want to be able to speak directly and convincingly with them in order to sell your product or service effectively.
  • Determine how much time, money and effort you have available for this project. This will help determine the type of campaign(s) possible for your business at this time. Or, on the other hand, whether it’s better not even starting one in the first place! If there are limitations beyond those above (e.g., staff or resources), take them into account as well when choosing which type of advertising may work best for you now versus later on down the road after hiring new employees/obtaining additional funding from investors etcetera…

To summarise, the types of advertising campaigns that exist are limited only by your imagination. You can use any combination of these six types to build a successful campaign. Facebook is still the most-used social media in the world. Therefore Facebook Ads will be an excellent channel to promote your business. Here you can learn how to use them.

I hope this article has helped you identify some new ideas for your own company and get started on developing one today! You can reach out today at if you have any questions.

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