How To Set Up Google My Business in 2021

When Google Business is correctly set up and used, it can showcase your business hours, location, and contact information, making it an easy and convenient tool for customers to gather all the information they need. This data is often the very first thing potential clients or customers see or look for when tracking down new businesses – it provides a sense of security and professionalism.

To ensure this information is accurate and the full extent of your business profile is being used to your advantage, you need to set it up by creating your My Business Account. The benefits to properly setting up your business profile through a My Business Account are that you can respond to customer reviews, improve your ranking on Google. It is also recommended to curate keyword searches which help your business profile to gain more page time & it makes it easier for customers to discover your business. 

In order to set up a My Business Account you will need:

  1. A standard Google Account for your business (not a personal account)
  2. To ensure you have a Business Profile.
Screenshot with Creative Partner's Business Profile

What’s the difference between a business profile and a My Business Account? The business profile is the listing that appears when you search your organization or business. As pictured above, a business profile is visible on the right-hand side of most search results. This is the listing we are going to gain access to by creating a My Business Account. 

On the other hand, The My Business Account is the profile or account that allows you to update and verify your profile information. 

How to set up the account: 

  1. Log into your google business account. 
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Manage Now”
Set up Google my business step 3: manage now screenshot

4. Once you click through it will require the following information: 

Business name



Phone number

Delivery area (if applicable)

Category ( the type of organization: food, entertainment, recreation, etc) 

After you submit this first batch of information – more options will become available to gather more information on your business. This information will help improve SEO optimization in your area and keyword searches. 

5. Submit a request to “claim business” – now that you have created your My Business Account. It is time to attach this account to your business profile ( Google does not do this automatically…unfortunately.) 

6. Go to Google and enter your business name. 

7. Finally, On the right-hand side, your business profile should appear and you’ll see an option in blue “own this business?” 

Creative Partner's Google My Business profile

The way organizations connect and conduct business is constantly evolving. There are more and more online businesses, and this trend towards the digital is not slowing down. A consistent and up-to-date profile on Google is one way to ensure your company doesn’t get overlooked and that you are giving potential clients enough information to get them to make the crucial decision to click into your website. Make the most of your free accounts and set up your Google My Business Account today. 

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