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Brandon Gonez is a former CP24 and Breakfast Television host who parted ways with traditional anchor news channels in 2021 to begin his own Youtube news channel, The Brandon Gonez Show. He’s best known for integrating Jamaican Patois into his news reports, and he’s been inspiring Toronto residents for years.

He began his career at Global News as an associate producer for their flagship morning show, “Breakfast Television.” He joined CP24 in 2016 as a co-host of the weekend evening edition of their news program “Your Morning.” After leaving the station in 2021, Gonez launched his own Youtube channel where he continues to deliver breaking news coverage that has made him one of Canada’s most recognizable voices on television.


Following the launch of The Brandon Gonez Show, it quickly became apparent that their growth was expanding past their brand. They needed a brand that better represented the organisation and could accommodate more and continued professional growth.

We worked with them to develop a new logo and brand strategy that reflected their core values and allowed them to expand into new markets without losing their identity.

Our approach

The brand that Brandon and his team wanted to achieve was a reputable source for their daily news that they could trust and see themselves represented within.

After talking with Brandon and his team and working through a series of questions to ensure we fully understood the brand, we narrowed down that Brandon was looking for vibrant, Toronto-facing, sleek and reputable.


After narrowing down the design they wanted and playing with colors, a new look was born. The final look of the rebrand is sleek, universal, and memorable. It’s the perfect tool for communicating with the national Brandon Gonez Show audience.

As an organization, they wanted to create a brand and design system that would allow them to stand behind their work and grow with it over time. They wanted something that would be easy to use and universally recognizable by viewers.

After researching various possibilities, we decided on a simple color palette. This system is easy to implement across all channels so that all materials are consistent in look and feel regardless of where they are being seen or used.

They also decided to keep things simple by using only two fonts: Newake Regular (for titles and subtitles) and PP Pangram Sans Medium (for body copy & headings). These fonts were chosen because they are simple yet stylish.


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