JUNE 2021

Branding & Design Isabel Malbarosa

Strategy Bart Anestin


Dufferin Lane is a dynamic player in the real estate development sector, specialising in transforming underdeveloped properties into modern, stylish rental apartments. Their focus is on creating living spaces that combine contemporary design with comfort and functionality, catering to a market that values both aesthetic and practicality in urban living.


Dufferin Lane approached our agency with a specific vision for their brand identity. They required a logo that would not only symbolise the essence of their business – the transformation of spaces into modern homes – but also integrate the initials of their company name. The challenge was to encapsulate this vision in a design that was both modern and minimalistic, aligning with their brand ethos.

Our approach

Our creative process began with an in-depth understanding of Dufferin Lane’s brand values and target audience. We explored various design concepts that could effectively merge the initials ‘D’ and ‘L’ with the universal symbol of a home. The focus was on creating a logo that was not just a visual representation but also conveyed the brand’s commitment to modernity and quality. We chose the Bebas Neue typeface for its modernity and clarity, ensuring the brand name was both prominent and aligned with the logo’s design. The colour palette of blue, brown, and nude was carefully selected to evoke feelings of trust, warmth, and sophistication.


The culmination of our efforts was a geometric logo that artfully combined the initials of Dufferin Lane with the shape of a house. This design not only met the client’s requirements but also added a layer of conceptual depth, symbolising the transformation of spaces into homes. The colour scheme and typeface complemented the logo, creating a cohesive and striking brand identity. This logo has significantly enhanced Dufferin Lane’s brand visibility and recognition, proving effective across various platforms and mediums.

The Dufferin Lane logo project stands as a prime example of how creative design can be seamlessly integrated with strategic branding objectives. It demonstrates our agency’s capability to not just understand our client’s needs but to translate them into a visual identity that resonates with their audience. This project has not only satisfied our client but has also set a new standard in real estate branding, showcasing the power of thoughtful and innovative design in the business world.