DEC 2022

Branding & Design Isabel Malbarosa


Jackie’s Jungle is a design and green space curation company that specializes in bringing greenery to the forefront of design. Located in Toronto, Jackie’s Jungle has created a unique brand that combines biophilic knowledge, passion, and style. Jackie’s Jungle creates and curates exceptional designs for home, office, commercial space, and everything in between.

The company is known for its ability to create a cohesive aesthetic while still maintaining the natural feel of the environment they are designing. They do this through thoughtful plant selection and placement as well as by incorporating elements like woodwork and lighting that reflect their clients’ own personal style.


Jackie’s Jungle was looking for a logo refresh. They were looking to create a new logo that could live beyond just her and evolve with the company, while maintaining its core values of lively, supporting, and trustworthy.

They also wanted to make sure that their new logo would be memorable and easily identifiable as having come from Jackie’s Jungle, even if it was just on an envelope or in print. The client also wanted to ensure that the logo would still be empowering and fun—a true representation of the company’s culture.



Our goal was simple: create something that could grow with Jackie’s Jungle as they expanded their offerings and services within the industry. We wanted it to be visually appealing, but also reflective of the brand’s values. We believed that incorporating plants into the logo would help accomplish both goals—it would make for an attractive logo, but it would also communicate that Jackie’s Jungle cares about sustainability and providing clients with beautiful greenery.

We started by working with our client on brainstorming ideas for what their new logo might look like. They gave us some direction based on their preferences for color schemes, fonts, and shapes, but we also encouraged them to think outside the box and come up with some ideas of their own. This was important because it helped us understand what kind of aesthetic our client was hoping for in order to achieve maximum impact when designing our final product.


The final product of the logo redesign was a logo that focused on the harmony of nature – using a Mandala design, plant & seed of life designs. We also wanted the name of the organisation to flow naturally with the new logo. The new logo is a symbol of nature, life and peace.

The new logo is more than just a pretty face: it conveys what Jackie’s Jungle is all about as an organisation and can be used across all marketing materials.

The new identity system has been designed to reflect their values: it combines simple shapes with strong colours, which represent our focus on quality and sustainability.


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